Photography has always been an interest of mine. I have always thought that as i got closer and closer to retirement age, maybe i could move into a part time photography business and make a little lunch money!


It is incredible to be able to shot a 4K or 8K video on a modern camera body. And with free or paid for NLE programs one can make a professional grade short film.

Web Design

I dabble a little in web design, nothing big. I have been playing with WordPress, Adobe Dreamweaver creating HTML & CSS sites, as well as two Mac apps – RapidWeaver and Blocs. They are both basically GUIs to create Bootstrap sites.


About Me

I grew up part of my week when I was a kid on a working ranch.  My father and I built fences, fixed fences, worked the cattle, etc.  We really enjoyed the weekends we spent working outside together.  Over the years we have enjoyed hunting and fishing together, but recently i have really gotten into the PRS type shooting.  There is just something special about hearing the impact of a bullet on a piece of steel at 800 – 1200 yards.

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